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Adoption Match

A rounded matching service, Adoption Match runs the only statutory matching service in the country, The Adoption Register for England on behalf of the Department for Education.

The Adoption Match team is made up of dedicated professionals committed to finding the best matches for children and adopters.

Adoption Match has two main features:

  • An online database that stores the details of children waiting to be adopted where their own agency has not found the right adoptive family to match them. Similarly the database holds the details of approved adopters who are waiting to be matched with the right child for them
  • The dedicated and experienced team working with practitioners and adopters to find the best possible matches for children and families. This work involves close liaison with practitioners to ensure children and families are given the best opportunity to be successfully matched. This includes reviewing profiles and hosting Exchange Days and Activity Days.

All children that have been approved for 90 days or more and for whom an active link is not being pursued must be referred to the Adoption Register for England.  They can be referred sooner.

Adopters that have been approved for 90 days or more and for whom an active link is not being pursued must, with their permission, be referred to the Adoption Register for England. They can be referred sooner.

Once the details of children and adopters are included in the database they will be included in detailed matching searches.


As we move forward we are expanding our service by opening up access of the Adoption Register for England database to adopters and social workers who will be able to directly search for matches.

We are now piloting this with 28 agencies – a mix of local authority and voluntary adoption agencies. This will continue over the next few months.

Newly approved adopters included in the pilot will be able to register themselves using this system, or if they are already registered they will be given accounts. Adopters will be able to search the system and make potential matches with children waiting. Social workers will be able to add children and adopters to the Adoption Register for England and search for potential matches.

If your agency is not included in the pilot, our referral process will remain the same.

Please complete the appropriate referral form AC01 for children and AD01 for adopters. In order to upload, please follow this link to the portal.

Adopters not included in the pilot can still self-refer by completing our AD02 form and posting it to us:

Unit 4, Pavilion Business Park
Royds Hall Road
Leeds LS12 6AJ