Adoption Register Statistics

Number of active children on the 1st of each month

Number of active children by age at 1st June 2017

Number of active Black and minority ethnic children at 1st June 2017

(The number of White British children at 1st May was 593)

April 2015-March 2016

On the Adoption Register for England in the year April 2015 to March 2016:

  • 72% of children waiting to be adopted were 2 years and older
  • 55% of children waiting to be matched were in sibling groups of two or more
  • 55% of children waiting to be matched were boys and 45% of children waiting were girls
  • 70% of children referred to the Adoption Register for England were white children and 30% were black minority ethnic children.

The Adoption Register for England hold 6 National Adoption Exchange Days over 12 months on behalf of the Department for Education. In the year April 2015 – March 2016:

  • 74 children found permanent families through these events; 38 single children, 12 sibling groups of 2 and 4 sibling groups of 3
  • Nearly 1000 families have benefitted from these events and over 200 agencies
  • Children featured at these events are harder to place; children over 3 years old, of a BME ethnicity, part of a sibling group or with additional needs.

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