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How can Adoption Match help you to find a child?

Adoption Match is a national service working to pair those children waiting to find a permanent family home with those approved adopters waiting to be matched with children.

Adoption Match manages the Adoption Register for England on behalf of the Department for Education. This is the only statutory register in England. The database allows both social workers and adopters to carry out searches for children or adopters respectively. The Adoption Match team also carries out an intensive search process for children considering approved adopters with dedicated Regional Business Partners, working closely with adoption agencies. The Adoption Match team also run Adoption Exchange Days and assists in running Adoption Activity Days.

Who are the children waiting for adoption?

There are over 3000 children in England waiting to be adopted. They come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds, and some may have disabilities or special needs. What they all have in common is that they have had unsettled lives. Most have been taken into care.

All adopted children will have suffered loss and separation, even when adopted shortly after birth. They may have been abused or neglected and subsequently develop certain coping mechanisms and behaviour that means they can find it difficult to form relationships.

What to include in your profile

Your profile should be a minimum of 500 words. It should include:

  • Your name/s
  • Any specific qualities you can offer: for example, skills acquired in a work setting such as working with children with behavioural problems at school or that you lead an energetic outside life and would be well suited to a child with lots of energy who likes to be outdoors
  • Strengths and experience: in particular any child care experiences with your own or other children including that within a professional/voluntary capacity, as well as experiences with family and friends
  • Useful information in support of the matching considerations and why certain criteria can be considered
  • Support networks: details of your support networks, for example, family, friends, community, support groups
  • Training: any relevant training you have undertaken
  • A photograph: choose a photo that you feel shows you as approachable, warm and friendly. Please provide a recent, clear/close up photograph and include any other children in your family.
  • Pets: please include details of any pets in your household
  • Time off work: details of how much time you can take off work or whether you intend to stay at home permanently
  • Home & location: what type of home you live in, whether you live in the town or country or in a village. Mention any green spaces in your locality and how close you are to local schools, playgrounds and community facilities for children
  • Age range & gender of children: the number and age range of children you wish to consider and any preference with regards to age, gender and sibling groups
  • Ethnicity & religious background of children: the ethnicity and religious background of children that could be considered.
  • If you are adopting as a couple, include how long you have known each other and how long you have been living together
  • Your adoption agency’s details

Contact us

We have a dedicated team of Regional Business Partners working to assist you in obtaining the best possible chance at being matched. The team can give guidance on any clarifications that need to be made to your profile and will be available to liaise with your practitioner regarding any other matching tools that we could implement to assist you in the matching process for example attending an Adoption Exchange Day or Adoption Activity Day.

Contact us on 0345 222 9058 or

Find out how the Adoption Register works and how you can use the database to search for children.