Adoption Exchange Days

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Adoption Exchange Days

What are Adoption Exchange Days?

Adoption Exchange Days are events for approved adopters looking for children, and they feature the profiles of children who are waiting for adoptive families nationally.

Adoption Match runs these events in conjunction with adoption agencies across the country. The Department for Education (DfE) also commission 6 national Adoption Exchange Days per year from Adoption Match. At an Adoption Exchange Day you get to meet a number of agencies, and have the opportunity to look at and discuss the children they have waiting. Importantly, you get to talk to them about you and what type of child or children you are looking for.

They have been a successful method of finding families for children waiting to be adopted.

Forthcoming Adoption Exchange Days


What happens on an Adoption Exchange Day?

You need to be an approved adopter to attend an Adoption Exchange Day. You should speak to your social worker about attending the event; you may even want them to accompany you to the event. Due to the sensitive nature of the information about the children shared at the Adoption Exchange Days you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Adoption Exchange Days can be exhilarating as you might find information about your future children but they can also be emotional and overwhelming. A lot of information is shared at these days about children and you get to talk directly with professionals from different agencies that are looking to find families for these children. Some of the agency stands might have videos of the children for you to watch.

You will be given a time slot to arrive at the event this is to help manage the flow of adopters to give you the best chance to review all the information.

Please note, some agencies will also be showing details of families looking to find children to adopt whose needs they could meet.

What are the benefits of Adoption Exchange Days?

There are a number of benefits for adopters in attending Adoption Exchange Days:

  • Adopters are given a realistic view of the children waiting for adoptive families
  • Adopters might consider children outside of their original ideas/thoughts
  • Enables adopters to have more of a direct involvement in the process of matching
  • Provides an opportunity for adopters to talk to many different agencies and discuss their requirements with them – taking a proactive approach to their family finding.