Complaints procedure

Adoption Match is committed to providing a high quality service to everyone we deal with. Adoption Match welcomes compliments, comments and complaints from its users. We value customer’s feedback and will use all feedback to ensure that we continually improve our service.


A compliment is an expression of satisfaction or praise about our service; we welcome these. Adoption Match will make sure that any named members of staff are given feedback about compliments received. You can pay us a compliment in any of the following ways:

  • In writing – you are welcome to send a card or a letter to: Adoption Match, Unit 4, Pavilion Business Park, Royds Hall Road, Wortley, Leeds, LS12 6AJ
  • By email – please send this to
  • Verbally – 0345 222 9015 – if you wish to give your feedback direct to the person you spoke with or to ask for it to be passed on
  • In person – you are also welcome to give feedback to Adoption Match at events or meetings our staff may attend
  • To the Department for Education, if you would like our funders to know about your satisfaction with the Adoption Register for England service: Department for Education, Adoption Division, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BT


Comments about our service and suggestions about how we might improve are a welcome source of feedback. We would encourage you to contact us if you have a comment or suggestion. All comments and suggestions will be seriously considered and reviewed to ensure continued quality of service. Please contact us in any of the following ways:

  • In writing – Adoption Match, Unit 4, Pavilion Business Park, Royds Hall Road, Wortley, Leeds, LS12 6AJ
  • By email – please use the term ‘comment’ or ‘suggestion’ in the subject line –
  • Verbally – 0345 222 9015 – making it clear to the adviser that would like to offer a comment or suggestion; you can also ask to speak to the Adoption Match Manager
  • In person, to any member of Adoption Match staff at events or meetings.


A complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction about Adoption Match’s service that requires a response.

We recognise that making a complaint is not always easy, and we try to make this as straightforward as possible. You can register your complaint with us using any method that is convenient to you. In particular you can complain:

  • In writing – to: Adoption Match Manager, Adoption Match, Unit 4, Pavilion Business Park, Royds Hall Road, Wortley, Leeds, LS12 6AJ
  • By sending an email – please us the word ‘complaint’ in the subject line –
  • Verbally – 0345 222 9015 – making it clear that you are making a complaint. Please bear in mind that many complaints can be resolved simply by talking to the person that you feel has treated you unprofessionally or failed to provide the service expected. However if this does not resolve the situation please ask to speak to Adoption Match Manager (or their manager, if your complaint is about Adoption Match Manager).

If you need help to register your complaint please contact us by any method possible and we will do our best to assist you.

A complaint may be about:

  • The standard of service we provide
  • The behaviour of our staff (including volunteers)
  • Any action or lack of action.

A complaint must be registered with Adoption Match within 12 months of the incident you wish to complain about. Adoption Match has the right not to accept any complaint that falls outside of this timescale.

You may make a complaint anonymously however this will limit our ability to fully investigate any concerns raised.

Where a complaint is pursued in an unreasonable manner we reserve the right to handle this complaint differently.

All complaints received will be dealt with confidentially and in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

What our complaints policy does not cover:

  • Complaints for which there is a legal remedy or where legal proceedings already exist
  • Complaints that appear to warrant a child protection investigation or vulnerable adult investigation
  • Complaints from members of staff about employment matters
  • Complaints from staff that amount to a ‘protected disclosure’ under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998
  • Complaints about recruitment decisions
  • Complaints about an external organisation or body such as a local authority or voluntary adoption agency.

Complaints Procedure

If you are dissatisfied about any aspect of our service and have not been able to resolve this immediately with the member of staff concerned, we will consider your complaint using the process below.

All complaints will be acknowledged within 2 working days at each stage.

Stage 1 – Local resolution

All complaints at Stage 1 will be sent to Adoption Match’s Manager (or their manager if the complaint is about Adoption Match Manager) who will respond to them within 10 working days. The Adoption Match Manager will consider your complaint, may contact you to discuss or request further information and will provide you with a written response. If for any reason you remain dissatisfied you can request a Stage 2 investigation. A complainant has a maximum of 28 days from the date of the Stage 1 response to request that their complaint be progressed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Investigation

All complaints at Stage 2 will be handled by Head of Service who will respond to your complaint within 20 working days. The Head of Service will review the complaint, may contact you to discuss your concerns, interview staff and review documentation in order to fully investigate the complaint. A full written response will be provided at Stage 2.

We aim to complete all complaints within the timescales above; however occasionally it may take longer to provide a response. If this is the case we will keep the complainant informed of progress, the reasons for delay and the expected date when a response will be sent.

If, having followed the two stages of our complaints procedure, you remain dissatisfied you will be informed of your right to make representation to any appropriate statutory body.


When we get things wrong we will act to:

  • Accept responsibility and apologise
  • Explain what went wrong and why
  • Put things right where we can by making changes required
  • Learn and improve procedures.

The remedy chosen needs to be proportionate and appropriate to the failure in service. The general principle we will follow is that, as far as possible, we will attempt to restore the complainant to the position they would have been in had things not gone wrong.

Recording feedback

We will log all feedback we receive and maintain a full written record of any complaints so that we can monitor the types of issues raised, and our effectiveness in responding. We will also use all feedback to evaluate and improve our services.

We provide anonymised data to our funders about complaints, compliments and suggestions.