Adoption Exchange Days

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Adoption Exchange Days

What are Adoption Exchange Days?

Adoption Exchange Days are events where adoption agencies can profile their children and adopters. You can have a stand at the event or you can attend as a practitioner, to support your adopter(s). Adoption Match runs these in conjunction with Adoption Agencies across the country. The Department for Education commission 6 national Adoption Exchange Days per year from Adoption Match.

We receive consistently good feedback from practitioners and adopters about our Exchange Day events and the numbers attending continue to be high.

They are a successful method of finding families for children waiting to be adopted.

Forthcoming Adoption Exchange Days


How to get the most from an event

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to network with agencies and adopters outside of your region and find potential links that sometimes would not otherwise be possible. These days have proven to be very productive in matching and worth taking the time to go to, with very good feedback from previous events and they are free!

Adoption Exchange Day events provide the opportunity for prospective adopters to talk to Social Workers about children. As practitioners you know the children and it is the personal relationships that help adopters get a much better feel for the child. In the same way you get the opportunity to talk to adopters and get a real feel for them that you might not get from reading paperwork. Come prepared for a busy event.

Consider carefully how many members of your team you can bring with you. You will be talking to up to 200 families throughout the day. Bring lots of profiles on the day. You don’t want to run out!

Who to feature

These events are for harder to place children. Children featured should be over the age of 3, part of a sibling group, be from an ethnic minority background or have additional needs.

To be featured children must be on a placement order or have permission from court to advertise.

If you have any questions about children that you wish to feature please enquire with the Adoption Match team.