Security policy

Our security policies are designed as per the ISO27001 guidelines and we aim to be 100% compliant on the security elements below:


All sensitive information will be protected from unauthorised access or disclosure.


Ensuring the authenticity of information – the information is not altered and the source of the information is genuine.


Ensuring our services will be available throughout our service operation hours and protected against accidental or malicious damage or denial of service. We maintain our compliance by practicing internal audits on each security element and all security incidents are tracked and addressed on time.

Keeping information safe

How is information on children and families kept safe? Our security system is constructed with:

  • State of art high availability infrastructure secured with high end network firewalls.
  • All children and family information are securely stored with robust database with TDE encryption.
  • Our websites are sealed and secured with 128 bit SSL/TSL encryption.
  • All our staff are screened through DBS and BPSS checks and they are trained in Information Security and Data Protection Principles.
  • We use clear workflow methodology to verify all information that goes into the system for its integrity and authenticity.
  • Our adopter profiles are processed carefully by performing various identity checks before granting access to our system.

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